Promo Sites

THE in GROUP has established partnerships with over 5,000 businesses and organisations
throughout New Zealand. These partnerships enable us to run sampling campaigns and other
promotional activities in unique spaces that attract large numbers of consumers with
something in common.

Doctors' Waiting Rooms

  • THE in GROUP has access to 1003 doctors’ waiting rooms sites nationwide, reaching a captive audience of over 1 million people per month as they wait to see their doctor or nurse.
  • An estimated 70% of these patients will go on to a pharmacy, providing great opportunities for retail pharmacy products.*
  • The waiting sites are predominately used for IN Waiting magazine advertising and collateral display, but product sampling can also be negotiated.
  • The demographics of patients vary per practice, but the majority fall into the following three demographics: Women with children, 40-50 year olds and the elderly.*
  • The in Group can also reach individual doctors directly with campaigns.

*Data reference: 1. Ministry of Health April 2007.