Promo Sites

THE in GROUP has established partnerships with over 5,000 businesses and organisations
throughout New Zealand. These partnerships enable us to run sampling campaigns and other
promotional activities in unique spaces that attract large numbers of consumers with
something in common.

Hair Salons

  • THE in GROUP has access to 900 hair salon sites reaching over 520,000 people per month.
  • 85+% of people visiting these hair salons are mid-high socio women fitting in a bit of “me time.”
  • The average time spent per visit is one hour – the perfect time for them to engage with a relevant product and take in some information.
  • Stylists become brand ambassadors for your brand as they promote the product to their clients and many also promote the sampling through their own Facebook pages.
  • Sites can be targeted by area, size, customer number, proximity to supermarkets, types of product they will sample, fridge capacity for chilled products, etc,
  • These sites are one of our most popular and have demonstrated strong results for experiential and sampling campaigns.