Promo Sites

THE in GROUP has established partnerships with over 5,000 businesses and organisations
throughout New Zealand. These partnerships enable us to run sampling campaigns and other
promotional activities in unique spaces that attract large numbers of consumers with
something in common.

Mums' Playgroups

  • THE in GROUP has access to over 500 playgroups, reaching 16,500 mums/caregivers with babies and toddlers per week.
  • All playgroups are organised by an independent body which ensures your samples get in the right hands and campaigns can be monitored and followed up.
  • All sessions include time for the adults to mingle over coffee which is where the sampling takes place to encourage discussion.
  • The space is a great forum to gain product insight through research surveys – plus the bonus of your brand becoming a talking point in the valuable “mum network.”
  • Mums attending these groups span all socios and demographics.
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